Discover hidden relations in millions of data records.

As datasets become larger, with millions of rows and thousands of columns, rapid analysis is becoming ever more difficult.

Traditional analysis is complex, expensive and time-consuming. Visual analysis (Tableau, Qlik, etc.) show only a few columns of a table (dimensions) at a time.
The Solution

PSIORI Visualizer

PSIORI Visualizer reduces the complexity of your Big Data sets. Visualize and interact directly with all of your data - without assumptions, samples, subsets or approximations. Your high dimensional data will be transformed into a 3D data point cloud with industry leading Machine Learning technology.

Initial Data

Millions of data records

initial data: Table with the flow rates of a paper mill, measured every 30 seconds at 8 sensors over months for 1.8 million measuring points. A human being cannot handle this amount of data.


3D data point cloud

The PSIORI system reduces the millions of data sets into 3 dimensions and displays them as a point cloud.

Each point summarizes the 8 measured values of a given measurement point.

Grouped points show similarities. Superimposed KPI's show positive and negative production results.


Visualizer Handout
The most important information about the PSIORI Visualizer summarized.
Visualizer Product Information
Comprehensive information about the PSIORI Visualizer.
Visualizer Demo Video
Presentation of the functionality and the user interface.


Volker Voß
Managing Sales Director
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